Naf Agro & Fisheries Ltd

Naf Agro & Fisheries Ltd – (Food Manufacturing & Chain of Distribution)

The agricultural department of the Group is situated in the Cox’s Bazar district engaging in the production of finest quality rice to fulfill the ever-increasing demand of 160 million habitats in the local market itself. The supply chain expands from Cox’s Bazar to Chittagong & finally to the capital, Dhaka city. In the near future, the business is confident to target & meet the criteria for the export market.

Alongside, the business manufactures salt & distributes them through the same chain. At some point, the business plans to establish the most modern state of art “Salt crushing & Industrial plant” to target the export market which will not only increase another range of concern for the group but will also utilize further workforce of the hundreds of unemployed villagers.

Last not the least; the concern introduces its most prospective aspect, the shrimp, prawn & crab-manufacturing unit. We develop the baby arthropods & distribute them all over the country. In the near future, we are planning to acquire state of the art manufacturing technology facilitate compliance for the export market. This expansion will definitely result in more employment opportunities for the deprived villagers and uplifting their life style. 

Further future plans are being made for future diversification into more profitable areas of the marine food industry.

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